Corporate Web & Templating

Advertising, Corporate, Email, Templates
About This Project

Subaru, NBC, etc. (Ad Templating):
The templating systems that I worked in required dismantling advertisements and exporting high quality separations, allowing for output at various sizes. This system would then take both the requested portions and form input and then export PDF/TIFF/PNG ads that maintained brand compliancy.

Coca-Cola (Web)
: Here we created HTML/table emails for use within Coca-Cola’s intranet that kept their clients and workers informed and up to date. These discussed trends, events, B2C strategies and campaigns that Coca-Cola was deploying. These were also pushed through Salesforce so we could monitor their bounce rates and successes.


Anheuser-Busch (Web Iconography): Here I was tasked with developing and creating a set of icons for use on an internal site for A-B that would represent functions of this web app.
(i.e. ‘Goals’, ‘Targets Met’, ‘User Lookup’, ‘Data Search’)