Employee Engagement

Corporate, Event Based
About This Project


These pieces were intended for company events and for developing positive company culture:


Irish Madness: This was used for a company event centered around “March Madness.” Due to a short deadline, I decided to keep things bold and direct. I merged the iconography of a hoop, ball and a four-leafed clover into one. I used thick lines and a limited color palette in a style as an homage to Aaron Draplin‘s work.


Big Picture Inspiration: This project was a set of icons displayed on flyers around the building that the company wanted to use as a reminder to the employees of our core values. I distilled the terms down to some base ideas, such as empowerment, UI, stability, speed and growth and built out a handful of variations on icons for each.


Employee Appreciation Month: Here I was tasked with gathering and creating icons for each event in September. Due to a short deadline, my approach was to modify stock elements so to work as a cohesive arrangement.