Corporate Design – Coca-Cola

Advertising, Corporate, Email
About This Project

Client: The Coca-Cola Company and Subsidiaries

Coca-Cola (Advertising & Internal): Here I worked using a mix of pre-existing brand assets and photo-editing techniques to create imagery for product line advertising.


Coca-Cola (Email & Web): Here we created HTML/table-based emails for use within Coca-Cola’s intranet that kept their clients and workers informed and up to date.


Issue: Build upon informing Coca-Cola marketing channels of upcoming initiatives and new products.


Solution: Create an Email newsletter targeted at this section of Coca-Cola’s workforce.


Method: Build a standards-compliant HTML template for use in Salesforce ExactTarget allowing us to ensure compatibility and test the bounce rates. Gather this data and relay it back to project management.
 • Built and thoroughly tested re-usable templates for consistent visual content delivery
 • Worked to sketch, prototype, and built layouts to present the newsletter information
 • Worked alongside IT and other Creative to build this, starting March 2017