Bridal Invitation Set

Event Based, Invitation Design
About This Project

These were invitations created for a friend’s bridal shower and bachelorette party.


For the bridal shower, she had wanted something classic and retro that could be shared freely to relatives, friends and family alike. I chose a classic and clean type layout to manage the event information’s hierarchy without being overly plain. This alongside a retro illustration I colorized and added glasses to resemble the bride were the right touches for the card.


The bachelorette party card pulled inspiration from the previous invitation, while turning everything up a notch. This one was aimed at a ~20 to 30-something year old audience. The wigs were a perfect representation of her profession as a hair stylist that often dyes her own hair. From her slightly off-kilter silly face to the risqué outfit, this illustration fit the feel and personality and theme we wanted.